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BMW Cup Holders/Cupholders - Porsche Cup Holders - Ultimate Cupholder/Cup Holder for 5 + 7 Series Boxster 911 Z4 Mercedes Audi NSX other fine cars.
  BMW Cup Holders/Cupholders - Porsche Cup Holders - Ultimate Cupholder/Cup Holder for 5 + 7 Series Boxster 911 Z4 Mercedes Audi NSX other fine cars.  

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Here are a variety of other quality auto accessories, tools, and other products that I have available at the best prices that you'll find anywhere on or off the Net.

Everything offered is top-of-the-line - all products that I've used and been impressed with to the extent that I've specifically sought out and made arrangements with the manufacturers and distributors to offer them here. I encourage you to shop around and compare. You won't find better products of the same type and you won't find them for less.

  Product Description
  Trudeau Drive Time Travel Cup


Typical pricing: $19.99 - $24.99

My price: $14.99


Trudeau Drive Time Travel Mug / Cup

The Trudeau "Drive Time" Mug was named “Best Travel Mug” by the Wall Street Journal. Holds 18 ounces and the double-wall insulated design keeps coffee, tea, or other drinks nice and hot (or cold) for a long time (in the WSJ test, coffee was still at 125 degrees after 3 hours). Like the Ultimate Cupholders, these are virtually spill proof. Employs a screw-type lid that's easy to operate and seals very securely. The flared lip is easy to drink and pour from. All in a nice brushed stainless package (other colors also available).



  OXO LiquiSeal Travel Cup

Typical pricing: $19.99 - $24.99

My price: $17.99


Trudeau Drive Time Travel Mug / Cup

Very nice stainless, vacuum-sealed 14 ounce cup. Leak-proof with three silicone seals to insure no spills. Easy push-button open/close mechanism - just click to open/seal with a simple button located in the center of the cap. Very convenient and easy to operate one-handed while driving. The double-walled stainless interior and vacuum insulation is rated to keep things hot or cold for up to seven hours. Soft, non-slip grip. Very comfortable to hold and drink from. Fits most standard sized car cup holders.

My favorite cup!



  Fischer Umbrella and Holder

Typical pricing: $29.99 - $36.95

My price: $24.99


Fischer German-made Umbrella Holder

A nice vehicle umbrella holder made in Germany by Fischer Automotive Systems, a major supplier to OE vehicle manufacturers around the world. You may have seen it in automotive specialty catalogs and web sites such as Griots Garage, Sharper Image, BMPD, etc.

Includes high-quality, one-touch umbrella and holder (holder also available alone). An ideal storage solution to keep an umbrella where you need it in the car and in the car where you need it. Holder mounts to rear/side of seats using provided mounting straps, in the trunk, along console/floor areas using the supplied Velcro strips, or simply slip it under the seat.



  Fischer Universal Cup Holder

Typical pricing: $18.99 - $29.99

My price: $17.99


Fischer German-made Cup Holder



If you have a vehicle (or a second vehicle) that's not addressed by the Ultimate Cupholders, you may want to take a look at these. They're about the best universal cupholders that I've found. Made in Germany by Fischer Automotive Systems, a major supplier to vehicle manufacturers around the world. Fischer makes many of the small boxes, CD and cassette holders, cup holders, and other storage compartments found in German and other higher-end cars (e.g., the storage compartment with the "roll-top" lid in the center console of the BMW E39 5 Series, in-dash CD holders in the Porsche and Mercedes, all are Fischer products). The cupholders shown here are used as line-fitment, for example, in the Mercedes E Class.



  Universal Trunk Handle

Typical pricing: $20 - $25

My price: $16.50


Saab Trunk Handle



Black and mirror-polished available. Just a simple little thing, but more useful than it might seem. There's no easy way to close the trunk of some cars other than to put your hand on the trunk and push it down. Obviously, this works, but leaves hand marks on your trunk lid, rings can scratch, etc. Clearly, an unacceptable solution.




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